Oxnard Police Department - Suspicious Activity Report EspaƱol
Please submit as much detailed information as you can. The only required section is the first one, "Describe what's happening". The rest of the sections are very helpful to us, but they are not required for you to be able to submit the information.

Description and general information

Include as much detail as you can about the suspicious activity. This includes what day(s) of the week, time(s), and the address if you know it. Describe the location in detail if the address is unknown. Explain each Subject's role in what is happening if that is known.

Enter the Case Number(s) which are connected to the information you are submitting, if you know it

You do not need to complete this section to submit information on Suspicious Activity. It is very helpful to us though in case we need to ask you questions about what you have submitted.

Last name(s):

First name:

Middle name:

Date of birth:


Phone number(s):

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Any additional information about yourself you'd like us to know

If you chose Other for Information Type, please type it here

Subject 1

Last Name(s)
First Name Middle Name Alias, Moniker, Nickname
Gender (Male, Female, Unknown/Other)

Date of Birth
Age range if D.O.B. is not known Height Weight Hair Color, Length, and description Facial Hair Eye Color Prescription Glasses Tattoos, Scars, Marks, Piercings: Describe in detail. Clothing Subject wears often, favorite hat or similar. CDL or ID number, including State Links to Social Media accounts/profiles
Phone 1:

Email 1:

Current location, including address if known, City, and State. When you last saw them there, or knew them to be there, and how. Current residence, including address if known, City, and State Who do they live with, if anyone? Explain why you think they are wanted by Law Enforcement, and by what Agency/Department. What weapons do you think they have, and where are they kept? When last seen? Are they violent? Prior history of gang involvement Employed? Where, when, what job/position? Other comments

Vehicle 1

Color Year Make Model Body Style License Plate What state issued the license plate Description and distinctive features: stickers, window tint, rims, tires, faded paint, dents, and/or company logos

Description and/or explanation of who and/or what is in the photos, etc.
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